Who are we?

Mark and Chris are Instructors for The Shape of Enrichment, an international NGO that works to improve animal welfare in any captive setting globally.  Team building days were first started to help meet this goal by providing funds and materials to enhance enrichment programs in the collections that we work with (find out what ENRICHMENT is HERE.)  In addition to this, they currently help generate funds for SHAPE's other activities, primarily running workshops for keepers in developing countries.  When running workshops in developing countries we donate our time (everyone at SHAPE is a volunteer and is not paid by them), and our long-term goal is to enable more workshops to run in the future.

This means that anybody who takes part in our team building events 

are not only helping the welfare of the animals in the collection that you choose to work with, but also the welfare of animals in developing countries around the world.

Check out The Shape of Enrichment Website HERE