Would you like to take your event to a whole new level of employee satisfaction, creating a truly holistic experience that will benefit the animals you are working with in a much wider context?

While this kind of idea will not be for everyone, for clients looking for that something extra we believe combining your team build with fundraising will be the perfect tie-in. It could be an excellent way to really define your event, as you take what you do on the day and learn about its place in the wider context. As we then feed back on the outcomes of your fundraising the sense of achievement and team effort will increase. It is also a great way of meeting Corporate Social Responsibility targets, and we would aim to identify charitable causes that link somehow to the company goals. This, in turn, would be communicated through recognition on our own and the chosen charities social media and other platforms.

To ensure any fundraising efforts go directly to the source, all proposals will be through colleagues and organisations known to us through our wide charitable network. All proposals would relate directly to either on the ground support or tools/infrastructure that will make a real difference. While proposals will involve a total target to aim for, each one will be broken down into several steps of fundraising, so that those involved will be able to see what can be achieved at each level and in case the total is not reached, that those efforts have still been well worth it.

Whatever angle you wish to take, our aim will be to present you with 2-3 options so you really can find a project that inspires you, and take the work that we do and the benefits that you get from your event to a whole new level!

Fundraising opportunities

Fundraising ideas

Animal Welfare Capacity Training:

·      Through The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. funding enrichment and welfare workshops in developing countries for rescue centres, sanctuaries or zoos, with a long list of worthy possibilities through our Instructors based in South America, Africa, and South East Asia! Depending on size and location estimated funding steps would range from £5,000-£20,000.


International In Situ conservation:

·      Through the ‘Amboseli Trust for Elephants’ providing bore holes for communities on the South West side of the Amboseli National Park to improve water quality and prevent the creation of more hand dug water holes, which are ineffective for long term use and can be deaths traps for baby elephants. Estimated funding targets would start around £5,000

·      Through the ‘Elephants and Bees Project’

o   Establish new beehive fencing community projects in Africa or Asia.

o   Establish micro-financing projects through the establishment of bee product and honey producing facilities.

o   Funding research to study radio collared crop-raiding elephants around the Tsavo ecosystem to understand their travel patterns and behavioural needs to create wildlife corridors and prevent crop raids before they happen. This could include funding of research staff and vehicles.

o   Funding future elephant conservations by supporting local Kenyans to gain their MSc and PhD qualifications in mitigating human-elephant conflict. This could also be focused on empowering local Kenyan Women.


UK based In Situ conservation:

·      Supporting native species conservation for plants and/or animals linked with local organisations or through wider organisations like the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA).


UK Primate Pet Trade:

·      Through Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary:

o   Fundraising for materials to construct a retirement complex of 5 linked enclosures in the woodlands of Lakeview for their population of ~10 macaques mostly rescued from the primate pet trade, which can live to around 30yrs+. Estimated funding steps would range from £12,000-£60,000.

o   Fundraising to create 3 lemur pods based around 3 large polytunnels for a population of ring-tailed lemurs rescued from two closing down zoos. Estimated funding steps would range from £3,700-£16,000.

o   Sustainability funding to build an Eco-build Education Centre for courses and workshops in the woodlands as a base to generate future income for the Sanctuary and ensure its long term viability.