Our team building events are unlike anything you will have experienced!

If you want to make a special request for a particular species at your chosen collection we will always do what we can to accommodate requests, but we cannot guarantee species due to the unpredictable nature of the environment that we work in.

So what will your team be getting up to?

Every team building event that we run is created especially for you and your team.  From the moment you 
contact us we will endeavour to find out exactly what you want to get from your day. Using this information, along with the workshop duration and the number of people involved, we will plan an activity that meets your needs.

Working with the animal keepers at your chosen location, we will design devices that will bring your group together as a team, in addition to enhancing the 
environment of the animals we will be working with.  The chosen species can remain a surprise for you on the day, or we can let you know in advance, the choice is yours.

Upon arrival at the 
workshop venue
you will be introduced to your instructors who will give you background information on the species you will be working with and a safety briefing on the tools you will be using.  We will then assign you your project, and you will have a set amount of time for your team to work together to create it.

The finished results will then be taken to the animal enclosure and you will have the satisfaction of seeing your hard work put to the ultimate test!  Will the animals use, eat, or destroy your efforts...

Every workshop we run is different, but previous examples have included...

- Punch bags for bison
- Puzzle feeders for gorillas
- Dig boxes for meerkats
- Window feeders for anteaters
- Platforms for tigers and cheetah
- Hanging feeders for tapirs and rhino
- Climbing frames for monkeys